Rows AppSumo free lifetime deal: modern spreadsheet tool


Rows AppSumo free lifetime deal: modern spreadsheet tool
Rows AppSumo free lifetime deal: modern spreadsheet tool

Rows AppSumo free lifetime deal: modern spreadsheet tool

Rows is a modern spreadsheet tool that allows you to easily import, transform, & share data from different sources--all without the need for coding. You can use Rows' user-friendly interface to upgrade traditional features & take your spreadsheets to the next level. Its guided wizard helps you quickly locate the formulas you require so there's no need to memorize or search online for answers.

Organizing data & creating a complete picture can be easily done by using multiple tables & attractive charts right in your spreadsheet. Additionally, you can make the spreadsheets interactive with clickable buttons, input boxes, drop-down menus, & date pickers. With the built-in integrations available, you won't need to manually enter data anymore because it can be imported from other tools that are already being used.

Rows makes it easy to keep all of your data in one place & up-to-date. It connects to social media, ad platforms, data warehouses, company databases & internal APIs so you can access forms, dashboards & other internal tools without leaving the spreadsheet. Plus you can collaborate on spreadsheets with your team members or guests in real time.

Share spreadsheets as interactive, mobile-friendly websites to create team reports, financial analysis & calculators. You can embed charts, large data tables & calculators into company wikis, websites & blogs. You can also choose from a library of templates for reporting, data enrichment, operations, recruiting, marketing & sales.

Rows is an up-to-date spreadsheet editor that makes it easy to import data from multiple sources & share it with others. It also has a community where you can connect with other creators & find inspiration from their spreadsheets. Upgrade your old spreadsheet system & let Rows take your data management into the future.

What Is Rows?

The Rows tool simplifies data collection, organization, & sharing. It organizes data more efficiently & makes it easier to share with others. Additionally, users can customize their spreadsheets according to their specific needs for greater convenience & efficiency.

Why were Rows created?

Rows is a spreadsheet that is unique because it has built-in integrations & a great way to share data. These integrations allow users to connect with data from outside sources, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, social networks, emails, SMS services & more. Working with this external data can be difficult since spreadsheets are organized in rows & columns, but usually the third-party applications provide their data through REST APIs.

  • The first spreadsheet allowed automation without needing to use programming languages like VBA or Google AppScripts.
  • The first spreadsheet with in-cell Integrations enabled functions to connect to popular online services like Crunchbase, Gmail, Salesforce & more.
  • With just one click, you can transform any classic spreadsheet into a beautiful & interactive web-app that allows for live collaboration.

Spreadsheets typically work with four main data types: dates, text, currencies, & numbers. However, as the complexity of data & tasks increases, these existing types are often not enough. This is particularly noticeable in products such as Rows which exports a large amount of varied data through APIs. To manage this complexity we needed to introduce something new.

What is the purpose of Rows?

Rows is a powerful spreadsheet tool which makes it easy to work with data from popular platforms without needing to know any coding. It features interactive functions, step-by-step formulas, real-time collaboration & advanced sharing options. You can import & sync data directly from over 40 sources, including social media, Google Analytics & Salesforce.

Rows Features

Connect, analyze, & visualize your data with forms, dashboards, & automated sharing. Automate tedious tasks & speed up your workflow.


  • Functions
  • Actions
  • menu
  • Flexible layout
  • Elastic grid
  • Sort & Filter
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Quick Command
  • Import & Export


  • Built-in integrations
  • Public Databases
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Tables
  • Automation
  • Web requests
  • Rows API
  • Connectors


  • Workspaces
  • Folders
  • Collaboration
  • Live mode
  • Interactive elements
  • Forms
  • Embed
  • Charts


  • Publishing
  • Public workspaces
  • Duplicate
  • Gallery
  • Insights

Advanced Features

Say goodbye to scripts, add-ons, & VBA. Connect your internal APIs, automate tedious tasks, & quickly create spreadsheet tools -- all without any coding knowledge!


Transform your spreadsheets into data centers. Connect to internal application programming interfaces (APIs) & create automations to keep your data synchronized & workflows running efficiently.

  • API integration: Connect REST APIs quickly & easily using our unique HTTP functions: GET, PUT & POST. It's like Postman meets a spreadsheet!
  • SCHEDULE function: Schedule updates to refresh any cell using natural language, from every minute to every month.
  • Database operations: You can use custom formulas in a spreadsheet to insert, update, or overwrite data, turning any table into a database.
  • JSON support: PARSE can be used to process JSON data within a cell & create custom objects using RANGE2JSON & PAIR2JSON.
  • AI integration: Using GPT-3, you can use ASK_OPENAI to summarize, classify, translate & generate content.
  • QUERY function: Use a SQL-like language to filter & modify tables, cells, or JSON objects.

Tools to help your team work together.

Transform your spreadsheets into interactive forms or dashboards to help you complete tasks. Work with your team or external partners to get the job done.

  • Buttons: Add buttons to your spreadsheet that will allow you to execute a function with one click.
  • Input fields: Allow users to input data into a live spreadsheet by using input fields.
  • Forms: Create interactive tools with forms that allow users to collaborate in real time.
  • Date pickers: Add a new layer of interaction by using date pickers & date ranges.
  • Dropdown: Use dropdowns with values from a range of cells or a predefined list of items.

Rows API

You can use our REST API or connectors to programmatically read & write data to any spreadsheet, or import & export data from a spreadsheet into Rows.

Pricing plans

Start using services for free or select a paid plan that fits your needs.

Free plan

  • The cost of each workspace is $0 per month.
  • There is no limit to the number of members in the workspace.
  • Ten thousand integration tasks.
  • The automation will occur every hour.
  • Unlimited Spreadsheets in Workspace

Plus plan

  • The cost of each workspace is $59 per month.
  • There is no limit on the number of members in the workspace.
  • Unlimited Integration Tasks
  • The automation will occur every minute.
  • You can have unlimited spreadsheets in your workspace.

Pro plan

  • Workspace members can be unlimited.
  • Unlimited Integration Tasks
  • The automation runs every minute.
  • Unlimited Spreadsheets for Workspaces

Get a Lifetime Deal on Rows, a New Spreadsheet Tool.

Rows is a spreadsheet tool that makes it easy to bring data from different sources into one place. It has a modern design & advanced features, so you can do more with your spreadsheets than ever before—all without any coding knowledge.

Using the guided wizard, you can easily find formulas & organize data into multi-tables & charts. You don't need to memorize or search for the answer on Google. Moreover, you can make your spreadsheet interactive by adding buttons, input fields, drop-downs, & date pickers.

Upgrade your spreadsheets with modern formulas & interactive elements to save time. The built-in integrations allow you to import data from other tools without manual data entry, & keep your information up-to-date across sources like social media, ads, data warehouses, & company databases.

Rows enables you to connect to your internal APIs & access forms, dashboards, & other tools from within your spreadsheet. You can use integrations to quickly import & synchronize data from other applications. Moreover, you can collaborate on spreadsheets with team members or invited guests in real-time.

Share spreadsheets with your team as interactive & mobile-friendly websites for reports, financial analysis, & calculators. Plus, you can embed charts, large data tables, & calculators into company wikis, websites, & blogs to get even more out of your work.

Say goodbye to your old, outdated spreadsheet system. Try Rows, a modern spreadsheet editor that can import data from multiple sources & help you share your information with the world. With Rows, you'll have access to a community of spreadsheet creators & take your data to the next level.

Plans & Features

Deal terms & conditions

  • Receive one year of free access to Rows.
  • One year of updates for the Plus Plan.
  • You have 60 days to use your code(s) after buying them.
  • This deal cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is followed.
  • This is only for people who are new to Rows & do not already have an account.

Rows AppSumo free lifetime deal

If you are looking for information on the Rows Free Deal or Rows Review, you have come to the right place. On Lifetime Deal Updates, AppSumo is offering a one-year deal with discounted prices for Rows Free. If you need this AppSumo one year deal, check it out now

  • No limit on the number of workspace members.
  • One million integration tasks.
  • The frequency of automation is every minute.
  • You can create unlimited automations in each workspace.
  • Unlimited spreadsheets in the workspace.
  • One gigabyte of storage for spreadsheets.

Get now for FREE


Can I have more than one workspace? How much do they cost?

You can use the same email address to create multiple workspaces. Each workspace has its own owner, pricing plan, & members. Currently, you can only be the owner of one workspace (but this limit will increase to five soon). All workspaces are initially subscribed to the Free plan. You can upgrade each workspace individually with its own billing details & payment method.

What happens if I make a change to my plans?

You can change your plan at any time. When you upgrade, you get access to more features straight away. If you upgrade before the end of your current billing cycle, Rows will reset the billing cycle & give you credit for the unused portion of your current plan. If you downgrade, your current plan will stay in effect until the end of your billing cycle.

What can you do with Rows?

Rows can be used for typical spreadsheet tasks, as well as more complex ones. With Rows, you can create automated tools to simplify any task. For example, you could:

  • Automate the process of generating leads & managing your customer relationships.
  • Create dashboards for automated marketing.
  • Create internal tools to manage orders & build tools using your own APIs.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that uses modern technologies such as HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to give users an experience like that of an app. Service workers are used to provide offline access & push notifications. Google creates PWA versions of websites like YouTube & Twitter which can be accessed through Chrome, the most popular internet browser.

How do I install Rows PWA?

You can add the Rows app to your home screen or desktop from both desktop & mobile devices, making it easy to access & use in your daily life.

To install the Rows PWA on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to in Google Chrome.
  2. Enter your username & password to log in.
  3. Once you have logged in, click on the icon that looks like a display at the top right of your browser.
  4. A window will appear asking if you want to install Rows as an App. Click "Install" to continue.

If you are using a Mac, the Rows PWA will be added to your dock. If you are using a PC, it will be added to your desktop.

How to Use OpenAI in Rows Software

Connect the OpenAI integration in Rows by finding it in the integrations gallery & searching for "OpenAI". To use AI, you need an API Key from your OpenAI account. If you don't have an account yet, sign up to get an API Key & access. All free accounts include API access.

Copy the API key, go to the OpenAI integration page, press Connect, paste the API key & click Connect.

How are my spreadsheet data stored?

Store your account & spreadsheet data securely on servers located in Belgium, in the European Union. Rows will create a backup every 24 hours, & store all backups for the last 30 days.


With over one billion spreadsheet users globally, Rows is a revolutionary tool that takes spreadsheets beyond their normal capabilities. Compared to the two- & -a-half million software developers in the world, spreadsheet users can benefit greatly from this unique solution. Unfortunately, regular spreadsheets are limited & that's why Rows is working hard to create an improved version.

Spreadsheets are a technology that was invented over 40 years ago to automate accounting. Today, people use spreadsheets for a variety of reasons, such as financial planning, project management & marketing reports. But it is believed that spreadsheets can be improved to empower office workers to become their own engineer.

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